North Port

    “Fastest Growing City in Southwestern Florida”

    Located 34 miles southeast of Sarasota and 48 miles northwest of Ft. Myers, North Port is one of the most up and coming cities in Sarasota County. Home to 60,000 residents, and upwards of 16,000 familIes, North Port has gained a reputation for not only being one of the fastest growing cities, but also one of the most livable. With the lowest property taxes in the region, burgeoning economic development, and some of the state’s best public education, North Port provides a modern Floridian experience with a family friendly touch.

    Warm Mineral Springs

    North Port History

    When the Mackle Brothers of the General Development Corporation expanded Port Charlotte from 80,000 acres to 92,700 acres in June 1959, North Port Charlotte was born. Eventually shortened to just “North Port,” after public call for recognition of the new area’s distinctive identity, the city saw rapid expansion in its early days, and continues to grow exponentially. Since the 1980s, North Port has grown a remarkable 120% and shows no signs of slowing down.


    North Port Attractions and Activities

    Warm Mineral Springs

    Composed of a sinkhole formed in carbonate rock nearly 30,000 years ago, and fed by a spring vent deep beneath the surface, North Port’s Warm Mineral Springs are both a relaxing recreational experience and a significant geological landmark, as it’s the only warm mineral spring in the entire state.

    Heron Creek Golf Course

    Offering 27-holes of Arthur Hills Designed Championship Golf, Heron Creek Golf Course is south Sarasota County’s premier country club and leisure experience. The country club is comprised of three 9-hole courses on site, giving golfers the chance for fresh air and exercise at reasonable rates.

    Myakka State Forest

    The bustling city of North Port is the only city in Florida with a state forest – Myakka State Forest. With just over 7,000 acres, Myakka State forest is a public small game hunting with many recreational opportunities, including fishing, hunting, hiking, and horseback riding.