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    Kano Keller studied Finance at USF in Tampa. Discovering real estate as a profession, he became a broker and launched his first company at the age of 23. After several years, he merged this endeavor with Sarasota Realty and worked for another three years as a Regional Vice President/ Manager in the Venice area.

    An entrepreneur at heart, several years later he started his next venture, New Homes Discovery. It didn’t take long for “new homes” to become Real Estate Discovery, a company harnessing the power of the internet and bringing new home sales and traditional listings into one place. In 2004 at the height of the market total sales reached 57 million dollars with gross commissions equaling 1.7 million.
    Dealing with the challenges of shifting economy, deflating home market, and with the new access to information that potential homebuyers could access, Kano reengineered his revenue model to launch what was then Listing Services Direct. A company that was no longer bound by bricks and mortar, they were able to thrive regardless of market conditions.

    Using his seemingly endless ability to read the market, Kano teamed up with two powerhouse brokers, Michael Burke and Allen Jenkins, and formed White Sands Realty Group. The business is based on their belief that technology, training and continued education are the keys to success in today’s market and customer service is to be expected when working with a White Sands agent. They are willing to back up this belief in writing with their Communication Guarantee and Easy Exit Listing Agreement. When you sign with Kano and Whites Sands Realty Group you know you are working with brokers who know the market, stay ahead of the technology curve and are willing to back their outstanding customer service in writing.

    Kano Keller
    Office: 941-923-5835
    White Sands Realty Group
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    Phone: 941-923-5835

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